The Sassy Girl In the Kitchen

I am in my mid twenties, I live with my roommate Stacy in the heart of Houston, Texas. I am still very much a novice homecook. The women in my family never really had a knack for it, so I have basically been learning from other blogs. If anything I am usually teaching my mom about cooking which always proves to be interesting. I love to cook Southern food, it is so bad and fattening, but so fun to make and people love it! I am also a big fan of dips, appetizers, and pretty much any and every potato dish ever made. Oh and cheese... I love cheese. Cheese is a food group.

I have another blog, The Sassy Life. Where I post all kinds of different things from movie, make up and book reviews to stories and pictures from my nights out on the town - and sometimes just the random goings-on of my daily life.
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