Thursday, May 26, 2011

Zelko Bistro

So I have been sporadically posting restaurant experiences on my personal/lifestyle blog if you will, but I feel like it makes more sense to post them here. Sorry I have not been on my game with posting new recipes and tutorials, I am a busy girl and I HATE cooking in my apartment, I will strive to be better readers!

My roommate Stacy, now writes for the Houston Press online. I am insanely excited for her, she is so passionate about food, it's such a good fit. She asked me if I wanted to join her for dinner tonight, and I said yes of course! Stacy needed to hit up Zelko Bistro, to try out some of their dishes for her Off the Wall feature. I will link to it once its posted. I can honestly say I want to eat every dish on their menu, not in one sitting of course! This was definitely the first of many trips to Zelko.

As soon as we we sat down I noticed they had small vases with rosemary in them at the tables I loved it!

We both had rough days, and decided to start out our meal with a nice glass of chardonnay, we also ended our meal with another nice glass of chardonnay...but that's neither here nor there, am I right?!

I rarely crave pasta, however on this night 
I needed a large bowl of comfort in the form of bolognese.
This was some of the best bolognese, hit the spot.

 I talked Stacy into the fish tacos with plantains, 
because I really wanted to try them as well.
Delicious tacos and so fresh!

  She ordered a side of cheddar grits, 
it's something they are known for 
so of course we had to try them.
I dont even like grits, like at all. 
This is one of the best things I've ever had. It is a MUST.

 This Lemon Ice Box Pie is a little bit of heaven! 
A light tangy dessert perfect for the hot weather of Houston

I will be finding a similar recipe for this, and posting a tutorial ASAP.

If you are in the loop or anywhere near the heights, do yourself a favor and head to Zelko!

Happy Memorial Day weekend everyone!


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