Monday, September 7, 2009

Pasadena Rodeo Bake Off

I am thinking of entering the 1st Annual Pasadena Rodeo Bake Off! Just for fun, the question is what dessert do I enter?! The form says: Anything Chocolate, Pie, Cake.

I really wanted to enter my ADDICTING Red Velvet Sandwich Cookies from Bakerella, but they dont seem to fit into any catagory.

 image courtesy of Bakerella
I have never made a 14 layer cake before but I bet it would be a good entry, Im not sure I need some advice I have never entered anything like this before?
 image courtesy of Bakerella
OR maybe the delicious chocolate chip pie I make.

image courtesy of Bakerella
 I am also thinking maybe paula deens milky way cake 
image courtesy of Mommy's Kitchen
or butterfinger cake, my real problem is I can only enter one dessert!

image courtesy of southern plate
So I need some tips and ideas....


  1. I'm so hungry all of a sudden. Hmmm... I wonder why!

  2. Wednesday, October 8, '09
    PasadenaDiablo III items
    Rodeo Cook Off of
    I will be thinking of getting into the primary Total annual Pasadena Rodeo Bake Off of! To keep things interesting, fit precisely what treatDiablo 3 Gold kaufen do you enter?! The proper execution suggests: Everything Chocolate bars, Cake, Wedding cake.


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