Monday, January 18, 2010


Im not sure who reads this, but i definitely need to update this bad boy more. I will work on that. I'm thinking 7 layer dip will be the next recipe. Simply because I've been craving it, and its the best 7 layer dip you will ever taste, that is no lie!


  1. I READ IT! Haha, and yes, you do need to update more! P.S. My boyfriend's friends are having another big party - this time it's Jersey Shore themed! Come dressed as your favorite guido/guidette! I'll send you the Facebook invite if you're interested.

  2. yay thank you stacy! I would but its my bf's bday this weekend. I cant wait to see pictures though, are you going to go get a sweet fake tana n some hair gel?!

  3. woohoo appreciateDiablo 3 items it stacy! I might however it is my bf's wedding last week. I cant hold out to view images even though, Cheapest wow goldcan you go receive a nice fake tana d several hair gel?!


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